Kelly Young

First Impressions

With Kelli Young it’s all about the smile. Her smile alone will keep her looking 18 years old until she’s well into her 20s, and her soft and sexy body will help with that as well. From the pictures shown on the free tour it’s clear that Kelli is a teen model that wants to keep it that way forever. She wears her hair in pigtails all the time, loves to suck on lollipops, and is always wearing bright colored t-shirts and tank tops. She even does her makeup in a youthful way. Of course, only an 18 year can have the kind of tight and perky body that Kelli does, so there’s no doubt about her age.

Hot Promises

Now that Kelli’s 18 years old she’s going to show the world just how much of an adult she is by posing topless inside the lovely member’s area of her site. She likes that guys get turned on when looking at her naked and in her panties; it kind of turns her on as well. To that end she’s prepared a collection of picture galleries and movies. You can check out a small selection of free full sized pictures if you’d like, but you’ll have to wait until you get inside to see her breasts up close and personal.


Cute Kelli Young has a low budget member’s area, which is strange considering how much effort was put into the tour. To go from such a brilliant tour to this hastily put together page is a big letdown, although it’s the content that matters of course. The latest updates are listed at the top of the page, but since the last was added on October 23, 2006 I don’t think it’s fair to call them latest updates anymore. Instead they’re just the last content sets to be added and you should pay them little attention.

Below those updates you’ll find two boxes with images from the most popular picture and video updates. You can click any of the pictures to view that particular set or visit the page itself for the entire collection. There are 27 videos, although that number is slightly misleading because many of them are simply one video broken up into two parts. There’s a scene in which Kelli poses in a thong and t-shirt in her bedroom that runs just over ten minutes long. To keep your download sizes reasonable they split it into two parts.

Normally it wouldn’t be necessary to break the scenes up but they strive for quality at KelliYoung, which means the files are quite large. A typical video file is 10mb per minute here because they run at 640x480 and are genuinely flawless in their quality. Most videos run 5-6 minutes so the sizes are pretty reasonable. I like the videos, but I can’t go any farther than that because they’re simply filmed versions of her photo shoots. You’ll be watching as Kelli poses for shot after shot. In between each shot she moves a bit so she’s in a different pose, but the difference is not remarkable.

I’ve never been a big fan of videos like that because it seems lazy. However, there are a few here that work for me. My favorite is of Kelli as she poses in a nearly non existent pink thong and a tank top. She’s crawling around on the floor and most of the scene shows her ass as she shakes it back and forth. It’s really quite hot and brings you into the world of Kelli Young effectively.

The video section was nice, but it pales in comparison to the picture galleries. There are more than 120 image sets available and they show Kelli doing what she does best: posing for the camera. If you looked through the free tour you know that Kelli is the ultimate teen babe. She dresses almost exclusively in pastel t-shirts and tank tops, she likes to wear her hair in pigtails, and she has the most innocent looking face you’ve ever seen. Her picture galleries reinforce that image in almost every way possible.

I was pleased to discover that Kelli is in fact a topless model. I was convinced looking through her tour that it would be a non nude site. It’s nice to see that she’s willing to show her breasts, especially since they’re perfect. They’re round and insanely perky with a nice tan over every surface; clearly Kelli spends some time in the tanning booth working on her color. The galleries often end up feeling repetitive because they’re taken in similar locations and Kelli is basically doing the same thing every time except in a different outfit. However, you’ll forget all about that as soon as she takes off her top and shows you her amazing breasts.

The one thing that bugs me about these galleries is that they don’t display the pictures in order. If you have any experience with solo babe sites you know that the girl starts out fully clothed and then slowly strips as the images go by. It makes perfect sense to do it like that because you’re building up to something great. Here they just throw the images at you in a totally random order. In one Kelli is wearing a t-shirt and shorts and in the next she’s wearing a thong panty. It takes away some of the suspense and taints the galleries a bit.

Although there’s enough content at KelliYoung to last you several months you’ll be pleased to know your membership also comes with a bevy of bonus sites. First you get access to an exceptional DVD archive that includes all kinds of hardcore content. Second there are more than 40 hardcore sites that feature exclusive downloadable videos of hot chicks sucking and fucking as well as niche content. There are also 22 solo babe sites that come with your membership. The network updates several times a week with new stuff so there’s always something to look forward to.

Croco’s Opinion

KelliYoung accomplished most of what it promised in the tour, with the notable exception of the updates. There are videos of Kelli that offer a look at her hot body in live action and there are enough picture galleries to last you several months. Kelli is an exceptionally beautiful girl with one of the most flawless bodies you’ll every lay eyes upon, which is a good enough reason to join. If you need another then you should check out the bonus content.


Browsing the site is easy because there are so few places to go. The galleries are easy to use and the full sized images are big enough to please almost all users.

Pricing Policy

Billing is by credit card or online check. The fee is $28.69 for the first 30 days and $25.69 every thirty days after that.

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